Manon H., an au pair in Michigan, shares her experience doing a Global Awareness presentation:

Manon H the Netherlands with CCManon H the Netherlands

“I did my Global Awareness presentation about my home country, The Netherlands, in two different second grade classes at Gretchko elementary school in West Bloomfield, Michigan.  Both classes had around 24 7 year old kids.  I made a poster and a Powerpoint presentation and I told the kids about some typical Dutch things like holidays, food, traditional clothing, sports and the capital Amsterdam.  I also did a mini language lesson and taught the kids how to say some things like “hi”, “bye”, “how are you”, and “I am…” I used the materials provided by Global Awareness, they were a great help to make the presentation interactive.  The kids were very excited about interested, I didn’t even have time to answer all of their questions!  It is great to see how children love to learn about another country.  I believe this is very important.  I would recommend every au pair to participate in the Global Awareness program, it’s a great way to share you culture!”