Juliane M from Brazil
When you have balance between your spirit and soul
When you provide goodness for everyone and all

When someone makes  a mistake  and you forgive
When you give up something in order to give

When your mind and heart are working with no worry
When you are prepared to live the next chapter of your own story

When the justice walks by your side
Even when you slide
You know there is someone above who looks at you
Doesn’t matter what did you do

When there is no war
Just the beauty of nature to explore
When there is no angry or lies
And as you look up you can admire the beautiful blue sky

When you are honest and reliable to yourself
And to everyone
When God is proud ’bout what you have done

When you put all your faith and dreams on Jesus’ hands
And He always surprises you with the best “ends”

When you keep believing in love even if no one does
What is good to the others may be not good for us