Mae A. from France

Inner Peace 

 I’ve been begging for a peaceful world

But it seemed like no one was listening to my words

I’ve been thinking so much that sometimes I’d stop on the sidewalk

I had ideas to share but I guess nobody was ready to talk

I’ve been telling my friends how to do good

But they told me “hey look, we’re not in a mood”

I’ve been walking around spreading good thoughts 

But all they had to say was “it’s not our fault”

I’ve been looking for people who would finally listen

But I kept hearing “hey, we’re only citizens”

So, I’ve been thinking “that’s a shame then…

Cause I thought we were humans”

I’ve been crying over my fail to convince others

Until I realized to make peace you don’t need any partners

I’ve been giving free smiles

And suddenly I felt like I was earning more miles


I’ve been expressing more gratitude

And in result, I got rid of all my incertitude

I’ve been loving harder

And it made me feel stronger

I’ve been judging less and forgiving more

Now I ain’t living with an inch of anger no more

I’ve been telling myself that if I can’t help anyone

At least, I’ll make sure I’ll hurt no one

I’ve been keeping myself away from negativity

And I entered this place they call serenity

I’ve been forgiving myself for not saving the world from hunger

I’ve been living my life knowing that I won’t stop people from killing each other

I’ve been laughing, loving, giving, sharing, eating, sleeping because HELL, these are my powers and just so you know, peace starts in the inner.