My name is Sandra and I am 25 year old Au Pair from Poland.

I came to US to experience a multicultural life among people who, as I believe, everyday enrich me with their personalities, languages, life experiences and much more.

I love people and love that everyone of us is different and unique. I really like learning about different cultures and learnig different languages.

In 2013 I graduated in Italian Philology and became a qualified teacher of Italian Language.

Before I came to US I had already lived abroad for some period of time. I studied at University and did my internship in Italy. I have been learnig foreign languages for last few years and for now I can speak not only my native Polish language but also Italian, Spanish and English. One day I would like to learn more languages, know more people, meet more cultures and fully understand what does it really mean living in peace in this world.

Because of all that I decided to write a poem which expresses a small part of my big joy in meeting people of all nationes and races.


I saw peace in Sabina’s eyes
I heard peace in Francisco’s voice
I touched peace through Majlinda’s hands I felt peace thanks to David’s smile

Peace, Peace Overwhelming Peace I’m surrounded by Peace

Now I can live my Peace

Everyday I find more and more to live in a real Peace Polish peaceful eyes
Spanish peaceful voice
Italian peaceful hands
American peaceful smile
All colours of Peace

Peace, Peace Overwhelming Peace I’m surrounded by peace

Now I can live in Peace

So today I’m living my USA Peace Union




(1-Solidarity in Italian)

(2-Love in Spanish)