A Vision of Peace or at Least a Piece of Peace

Peace is a simple 5 letter word, a noun defined as, “freedom from disturbance; quiet and tranquillity.” The spelling of pace is pretty straight forward but, what happens if you spell it, ‘piece’? Piece is also a noun but it is defined as, “a portion of an object or of a material, produced by cutting, tearing, or breaking the whole.”

Two words have two different meanings. Frankly, I would like a piece of peace.

I come from a country where people are constantly fighting other people for their basic human rights and there has been no peace in that.

Will peace ever exist by the definition in the dictionary? (Maybe not) Will it ever exist by our own vision? (Perhaps)

My vision of peace has to begin with equality. Equality is every person having the same human rights regardless of race, religion, culture or country and being treated equally.

Throughout history, peace and equality have suffered during wars. This raises lots of questions: why have we had wars? What were people fighting for? Was it to see who is more superior? Was it about money or religion? What do wars really get us in life? Is it satisfaction? Is the reason for war really worth the lives of the people that suffer with it every day? Is it worth knowing that you have placed your needs over someone else’s need when you go to war?

For me, I will give a piece of my heart, my knowledge, my courage, my strength and my being to achieve my vision of peace, even if that is just a piece of peace.