Summer travels

I was invited to travel to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, with my hostfamily. We went to Dolly Parton’s amusement park, Dollywood a couple of times. But I wasn’t thinking about writing about dollywood or pigeon forge. During my 2 days off, I rented a car and drove for 4 hours to Nashville. I have always wanted to see Nashville, so when I got this chance to actually go and see it I couldn’t say no.

During my time in Nashville, I went to three different museums; Country Music Halls of Fame, Johnny Cash Museum and The Parthenon. I really enjoyed visiting the museum and I think that everybody who’s visiting Nashville should go to at least the Country Music museum because they had so much things to see.

I also went up and down the Honky Tonk highway, there you can find all kinds of restaurants and pubs and live music. I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to experience the live music, but I’m under 21 so I couldn’t go to a bar or pub, so I found a small restaurant where they had live music everynight and went there and loved it. I had a really great time there!

I really loved my trip to Nashville and I would definatly go back if I got the chance to, because it was a really beautiful city with old buildings and nice people. If you compare Nashville to Denver (there I live), it’s not that different. Of course, every city is different but I love Denver too. I think that Nashville has more old buildings and maybe a little bit more livemusic then denver, but it’s hard to compare to cities like that.