We asked our au pairs to share what peace could look like in a Ukrainian flag and below is the beauty they imagined and created.  APiA will be making a donation in all of your names to a relief organization providing humanitarian aid for the people of Ukraine.  Thank you sharing.


Karien from South Africa

Pamela from Victoria’s Cluster

Macarena from Argentina

Laura from Colombia

Aletta from South Africa

Colorado Muruals Meets Ukraine Peace Flags from Laura and her cluster in Denver

Anna-Lena from Germany


Tools for Future Peace

Our friends at AFS, have created tools that are intended for classroom use, but translate nicely for au pairs with older host children.   We encourage you to talk with your host family and consider these lessons so that we all might contribute to a world with more peace and understanding. https://afs.org/2022/03/04/resources-teachers-ukraine/