We asked APIA au pairs nationwide to share stories about some of the female influencers in their life and we got some wonderful responses.  In celebration of international women’s month, read below to find some unsung HERoes in their own right and how they inspire in the everyday.  Here’s to you!

Sydney from Canada (living in AZ)

Sydney is adventurous, reliable, and extremely caring. She is a current Au Pair in Arizona and has already inspired me in so many ways. Upon initial arrival, Sydney quickly found a group of friends within her church and started volunteering with them. On top of that, she is a great Au Pair for her host kids, and always willing to go above and beyond to help her host parents. She has taught me to preserve through the hard times and be grateful for all the opportunities we’re given.

-Submission by Alana from Canada

Fiorella from Peru (living in WA)

Fiorella is one of the nicest people I ever meet. She is supportive and fun and she’s there for you. She is great with her host kids and dog and she makes you feel loved. She brought me in to her friend group no questions asked and she invites you to everything. She really is the best!

-Submission by Wendela, Sweden


Isabel from Brazil (living in GA)

Isabel is amazing, strong and the best partner in this adventure I love her ❤️

-Submission by Isabel from Brazil (another one, although GA supports self love!)



Maria Eduarda from Brazil, (living in Texas)

She’s inspiring and always be there for me ❤️

-Submission by Maria Eduarda from Brazil

Lorrayne from Brazil, (living in New Jersey)

Lucky Contest Raffle Winner!

She’s the best! She taught me that it’s not important where you’re from and how different your life’s at home may be if your hearts are the same. I don’t know anyone who worked as hard as her to improve her English (which is sooo good now!), showing everyone how important it is to never give up. I admire her so much for the friend and women she is! Eu amo tanto ela 🤍

-Submission by Anja from Germany

Thanks to all who submitted!

And when asked at a recent cluster event about their thoughts on gender equity, being a woman or what makes them feel powerful, these au pairs recently shared their thoughts (and then turned the camera on their counselors to hear theirs.)  The passing of the mic, just got passed back.