There’s a heavy thunderstorm inside of me.
It comes with heavy rain, and lightning.
Sometimes it even lights up myself.
It comes in waves, and sometimes it comes so fast I can’t even find a safe spot to stay dry.
There’s a heavy thunderstorm inside of me.
One that I can’t avoid.
It changes tidiness into chaos, euphoria into melancholy, smiles into tears.
There’s a heavy thunderstorm inside of me.
I’m not safe and neither are you.
You are my safe place in all the chaos.
Together we dance through the rain lightened up by the colors in the sky.
You turn the tears back into a smile, you turn the heavy rain into a beautiful sunset.
After feeling lost for a while
Being teared out of my family, my friends, my whole environment.
I finally came back to life
I feel in peace with myself.
I know it starts within me
But you definitely made it easier.
Peace is a save haven, maybe a utopia we try to achieve.
It starts in yourself.
Finding peace made me enjoying my life again.
It helped me taking care of myself and the environment around me.


Stella Keresman

Paulette Millander’s Cluster