Meaning of a “unknown” word

Peace is a word, not often used
it only means good but most of the time it will get refused.
It is rare to find and easy to break
and some people say they have it, but it is fake.

So what does that word actually mean?
Has anybody the meaning of this word ever seen?
It is a safe place where you don’t have to feel fear,
where bombs and bad people aren’t even near
It is the warm sunshine on your skin
and the silent you have inside within.

Peace is the simplest word on this earth,
it is so ridiculous that some don’t have it since their birth.
So let’s bring back in our life this meaningful word
and make it proud as if it actually belongs into this world
Make everyone’s life a little bit better
because that is the reason of this word letter by letter.

-Maria Sophie Wilfling

Au Pair in Natasha Wrobel’s Cluster