Au Pair in America Explorer for February

Aluska D. from Brazil in Carol Perry’s Bainbridge Island, WA cluster.

Aluska’s community counselor Carol Perry has nominated Aluska for the Au Pair in America Explorer recognition.  Aluska is enrolled in the UCLA program for her educational requirements.  As many of the nominated Explorers have done, Aluska also did  a Global Awareness presentation.  Aluska chose to do this in her host child’s Emme’s first grade classroom at Ordway Elementary School.  For her presentation she spoke a bit about being an au pair but spent most of her time telling the children all about the Brazilian red macaw.  She ended her time with them sharing Brigadeiro, a traditional Brazilian dessert.

In addition to doing a Global Awareness presentation, Aluska also volunteered in the school of the 3-year-old host child, Maja.  In the classroom she was able to help the teacher, read stories and help with any activities.
Aluska has also taken the time to travel and experience some “American” things.  For example, Aluska went to a Seattle Mariner’s game.  She said she didn’t understand any of the game but had a wonderful experience and is looking forward to another baseball season.  She also celebrated July 4th by taking her host children to a parade.  She loved being able to “experience this very beautiful moment of patriotism.”
Aluska has been able to travel to Arizona, Las Vegas, Yosemite and San Francisco.  
She was in awe of the immense trees and their beauty.
When she visited Alcatraz she said “I got goose bumps with the whole story there!”

What is an Au Pair in America Explorer?

These are au pairs who embrace all aspects of the au pair program (volunteering, attending monthly cluster activities, attending webinars, discovering new places) and for those going above and beyond, sharing their culture through Global Awareness. For complete details: