Prinalia C. from South Africa in Simmy Wolfe’s Atlanta, GA cluster:

As a little girl I would always say that I would love to travel to places around the world. Due to financial difficulties while growing up, it was difficult but I didn’t let the difficulty stop me from achieving my goals and dreams. Anything is possible with God. In South Africa there were many girls that did the au pair program and one day I decided to check out how I would go about doing this program, because I knew that this would be a great option to travel the United States.

There are so many advantages of being an Au Pair:
1) You will always get the real insight of what life is in a certain country away from family.
2) You have plenty of time to interact with people your age.
3) Your language skills improve because you are learning other languages by conversing with native speakers.
4) You can gain professional skills like problem solving or time management skills.
5) Parenting skills are one of the best things in my life as an au pair. Being an elder sister to the kids. Listening to their little stories and how they feel is one of my aims and goals in life.
6) Having money to save when you are out and about in another country just to tour the place and make the best of it. Au pairs generally enjoy free room and board and spend time with interesting new people.
7) You become part of the host family. It’s not about the employer/employee, the main aim is family. Host families always try their best to make you feel comfortable.

In conclusion I would like to say it’s what you make out of your life as an au pair.