Alejandra P. from Colombia in Elena Chernysh’s Norwalk, CT cluster:

Empowering myself

I am confident that women are empowered to build a great path. With our strong energy and perseverance, we open possibilities and give other women the motivation for projects and goals they have. I have trusted in the au pair rogram to help me to grow as a person, but the best thing about it was that I found myself as a women. I found my weak points, my strong points, my knowledge, my dreams and my reasons for building a life. With all of this, I put all my focus towards writing my experience through a blog.

One year and twelve days ago, I left my home, my life, my family, my friends, my job and my comfort zone to run away to a new country completely unknown with a challenge to learn a new language. I had been through a woman’s challenges before and had already been independent but when I came here to this program I understood everything I was and everything I needed to continue building. The first step was leaving everything, taking a risk to live with fear, because fear will make you brave and make you find new things.

Because of that fear, I decided to start writing my own experience through a blog. I started my blog late last year during my first year as an au pair, with the goal to make that my personal project for my second year. I want my experience to influence the future of young women from Colombia. I want them to learn from my experiences and see that they can also have the opportunity to have a job, a better quality of life and to find themselves by being an au pair. I want them to have a connection with my blog, and become a part of my life for a short time while they read. Hopefully by doing this they can feel the motivation to be an au pair, reach their goals, dreams, projects and to start a new life.