Arlington, VA -based Community Counselor and Global Awarenesss Representative,  Dominique Ortiz shares her King’s Day Traditions:
Every year, I invite my co-counselor Kristina Scholten and together with my family and hers, we celebrate King Day with a homemade “Galette des rois” or King Cake.
King Day is traditionally celebrated in France on the 6th of January and onwards to celebrate the advent of the New Year. Every region in France has its own version of King Cake but the most popular one is made of puff pastry and almond cream or frangipane in which you hide a bean or a” fève/figurine”. I have been collecting “figurines” over the years and use different ones each year.
Each guest takes a slice from under the towel in case the figurine is visible.The one to find it among his/her slice is crowned King or Queen for the day.
To read more about this French tradition, check out this French-American website.