Jessica T. in Patty Antreasian’s Baltimore, MD cluster presented about Brazil to a group of 23 Kindergarten students.  Jessica shared her experience from that day:
“The kids interacted with me in the whole time, they discovered the meaning of which color in our flag and the meaning of the stars; also we talked about a famous myth where they made a few questions about, a festival called “festa da uva” that happens where I live in Brazil, specifically in a city called Caxias do Sul, and soccer what the boys loved! We also talked about our famous desert, brigadeiro, I told them they would have the recipe so they would be able to go home and help mom and dad to make it, they loved that idea since they knew we were talking about sugar.
What I learned is how the little things can make kids so happy and excited about. When I first got there, they were smiling at me and I had a really warm welcome coming from them. I told them what au pair means and why I came to United States. I noticed that talking about something different that they are not used to hear about, being from another country is something new and exciting for them and it made me feel grateful I had the opportunity to do it.”B