Au pair Nadine C. from South Africa is spending her year in Ediana Raquel Sharpe Roque’s Belmont, North Carolina cluster.  On December 6th she had the opportunity to talk about South Africa at the Gaston Day School in Belmont NC. There were 35 pre-k children around 4 years old.   Nadine shared with us that the children were very excited to learn about everything she told them, from the colors of the flag to the ostrich eggs.  Nadine let us know that: “So many questions were asked and I was happy to answer them. I have come to find out that the elephant was almost everyone’s favorite animal. At the end of my presentation I sang my national anthem with my sick voice. What was very sweet is the children didn’t care how bad it sounded they enjoyed it. The children were given the opportunity to ask some questions, I really wish everyone had the chance to ask, because they had so many good questions for example: what do South Africans eat? What do we go to school with? The thing that I learned from these 4 year olds was that never underestimate the cleverness of these children, and just have fun with them, because they are really interested.”