November is a wonderful time to celebrate family, friends and au pairs.  As we are getting ready to celebrate International Au Pair Day and Thanksgiving, why not learn how to say THANK YOU in another language and surprise your international guests by thanking them in their native language.

In Afrikaans, say Dankie
In Bosnian, say Hvala ti
In Chinese (Mandarin), you would say Xie-xie
In Croatian, say Hvala
In Czech, say Dekuju
In Danish, say Tak
In Dutch, say Dank je wel
In Estonian, say Aitäh
In Finnish, say  Kiitos paljo
In French, you would say Merci beaucoup
In German, say Danke schön
In Greek, you would say Efcharistó
In Hebrew, say Toda raba
In Hungarian, say Köszönöm
In Icelandic, say Takk
In Italian, you would say Grazie
In Korean, say Kamsu hamnida
In Latvian, say Paldies
In Lithuanian, say Ačiū
In Norwegian, you would say Tak
In Polish, say Dziekuje bardzo

In Portuguese,say Obrigado (if you are a male), and Obrigada (if you are a female)
In Romanian, you would say  Mulțumesc
In Russian, say Spasibo
In Serbian, say Hvala Vam
In Slovanian, say Hvala
In Slovak, say Dakujem
In Spanish, say Muchas gracias
In Swedish, say Tack
In Thai, you would say Kabkoon krup (if you are a male), Kabkoon ka (if you are a female)
In Turkish, say Teşekkür ederim
And in Welsh, say Diolch yn fawr