Community Counselors have identified these two au pairs as the Au Pair in America Explorers for May.

Ermina H. from Bosnia and Herzegovina in Raquel Wilhelm’s Maryland cluster.

Ermina stands out as an Au Pair in America Explorer for several reasons. She attends cluster meetings, sits through the au pair webinars offered by Au Pair in America, as part of her requirement of the UCLA extension classes she has been volunteering, and she has traveled extensively. In fact, she has visited 8 places so far, Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia, New York, New Jersey, Texas, and Pennsylvania. For her UCLA course requirements she has already completed two Global Awareness presentations and has more scheduled in June. Ermina has truly embraced all aspects of the au pair program.

Alessia R. from Italy in Dominique Ortiz’s Arlington, Virginia cluster.

Alessia has taken the word “explorer” to another level. During her time in the States she has visited Hawaii, New York City, Philadelphia, Richmond and Miami! In June she will travel to Chicago, Las Vegas, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. In addition, Alessia has been taking college classes at Georgetown University, attended cluster meetings, and is looking forward to volunteering at the “Celebrate Fairfax festival.”

What is an Au Pair in America Explorer?

These are au pairs who embrace all aspects of the au pair program (volunteering, attending monthly cluster activities, attending webinars, discovering new places) and for those going above and beyond, sharing their culture through Global Awareness. For complete details: