Thaís in Dominique’s Arlington cluster presented about Brazil for World Thinking Day for Elaine Lyons Alexandria cluster.

Thaís tells about her day: “My first Global Awareness presentation was in New Life Church in Alexandria, VA and there were 8 girls with ages 5 to 10 years old. We were talking about Brazil, about its culture, language, food, sports and the main presentation was about a famous Brazilian holiday called “Carnaval”. I taught them a little bit about the holiday and the dance we do in this day that is called “Samba”, they danced and were using typical accessories we use in the holiday. I also taught them some words in Portuguese and how to do a famous Brazilian treat called “Brigadeiro”, that is a common treat in birthday’s party.

For being my first time doing a Global Awareness presentation, I was nervous but when I arrived there, everybody was super cordial and friendly as well as the girls. I loved so much for being able to do this and having the opportunity to show, teach and share a little bit about my home country and its culture with them. And the best part of it was to see the girls so happy, involved and curious in learning about a new culture was simply amazing and grateful!