Washington D. C. based Au Pair Diana G. presented on her home country Mexico to Maury Elementary School. Diana is in Ann Robertson’s cluster and shares about her experience:

Visiting a public school in a Washington DC neighborhood, was one of the greatest experiences that I have had in the United States, during my time as an au pair. This great experience helped me and my lovely host kid, to have a better connection and know more from each other.

My host kid, was really excited to show all her friends, where Mexico is in the map and what is the “day of the dead” tradition in Mexico. She previously draw the sheets at home, so we can show all her friends how to do it. For example, how to color the skeleton, with so many colors! Because Mexico is really colorful.

All the children were really excited as well. All of them wanted to participate and had lots of questions. We sang “Feliz cumpleaños” to one of the kids, because it was his birthday, so it was  great opportunity to do it. Most of the children knew how to say “hello” and “good bye” in Spanish. I showed them a spooky Mexican song, about skeletons, they loved it. At the end we gave some stickers to everybody and said “Gracias” and “Adios”.

I’m really happy that I did this presentation. I feel really proud of being Mexican and to share with all this little children about my country.