Svenja G. in Jennifer Stein’s Houston cluster spent some time at Ridge Point High School sharing about Germany to a special need’s class. There were 13 children from the ages of 15 to 19.  This is what Svenja had to say:

I started the presentation with talking about the journey from Germany to Houston. Then we talked about Germany and its neighboring countries. After that the kids got some facts about Germany in comparison to Texas. Then I showed the German flag. The next thing was teaching the kids some words and colors in German. Which I followed up with a little color Quiz. When we finished that we learned about animals in German. The last thing we did was singing a song, “my hat it has three corners together.”   This is a German song that is usually taught in kindergarten or elementary school. With it comes an easy little dance. At my presentation I sang it in German first and then we did it together.  At the end we listened to the German national anthem.

The children were very engaged and interested in what I had to share with them.  They asked lots of questions about Germany and my stay in the United states.