Lelde K., an Au Pair in Kristi Halpern’s New York cluster, was one of the Au Pairs who participated in the Sunquam Elementary School Multicultural Day.

This is what Lelde had to say about her experience: “It was a very exciting experience since I’ve never done a  presentation like this before. I guess I have presented Latvia once in a project in Poland, but never to kids, and never in US.

I thought that it would be more interesting for kids if I find something that they can relate to Latvia and remember it also later. I know that all big and famous countries are well known all around the world and Latvia isn’t one of those countries. So I thought that I should find at least one famous person from Latvia. I picked Kristaps Porzingis (NY Knicks) player, I thought kids might know him. I had basketball hoop where they had a chance to prove if they can shoot like Porzingis. I think kids liked that the most, especially boys. Also I had an opportunity to see who’ll be brave enough to try yellow split peas. Not everybody tried, but it was fun to see their expressions from the ones who tried. I thinks kids liked to explore and get to know more about countries and I had fun time too.”

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