For 2017 International Women’s Day the theme was #BEBOLDFORCHANGE. We invited Au Pairs to share their greatest accomplishment so far in their year as an Au Pair in America, that has changed or will change their life for the better.

Rattana K. from Thailand is in Kim Van Cleave Michaels’ Seattle cluster:

Throughout my life, I have not found any limitations of being a women. Growing up as a Thai female, there are so many things I have changed in my life but my core values still stay with me. Becoming an Au Pair has broadened my world. I spent my childhood feeling like a lost and tiny girl from the countryside of Thailand and have now grown into a confident and bold women in USA. Although I have only been living in the US for one month, I have learned multiple new perspectives of life. Life skills cannot be bought from the supermarket or an online shopping site, however it is easy to experience new opportunities and develop life skills by yourself when living fully.

Rattana K. ThailandI experienced struggle in my life trying hard to do things I liked. Unfortunately problem came with the disagreement among my family members in regards to what I feel passionate about in a job. After my graduation from college. I chose not to be a teacher which is my family’s expectation, but I tried working as a waitress in a big chaotic and busy hotel restaurant. Such hard work and high-pressure in that environment changed me to be a hard worker. I tried my best and got a promotion. Then I had to endure and prove that I could do anything. Clearly, such hard work taught me to be BOLD. One year work experience, which I did not like was enough. Difficulties taught me to cope with unpleasant situations occurring in different periods of life. I learned to change the way I think and see the world in order to stay positive.

I saw my future to grow as a woman being an Au Pair but it took me a while to get through the process. It taught me to be more patient. By persevering, I got to show my family that I could be successful completing the whole process on my own. Finally I am an Au Pair! The story is still changing my journey from Thailand to the USA. I traveled by myself and learned to be BOLD. As a result, I blend my experiences together and it seems like being an Au Pair fits me A LOT! I can guarantee my year as an Au Pair will be fascinating and make life worth living as a Woman.