Community Counselor Cynthia Chan asked her Southern Maryland cluster what their thoughts were about Thanksgiving.

“I love pumpkin pie and I hope we will have some.” – Austria
“Last year I was very interested in Thanksgiving as we don’t have it back home. I was very curious, but I love turkey and mash potatoes and the stuffing, my gosh, how will I live without the stuffing? I personally don’t like pumpkin pie but everyone is different.” – South Africa
“We don’t have it in Germany, so I’m looking forward for the dinner – especially for the big turkey (even if I’ll not eat it) because I think, this is what everybody thinks about Thanksgiving in the USA.” – Vegetarian
“I really liked it in my last (first year) host family. It’s kind of a family meeting with a lot of food and relatives getting together.” – Brazil
“My host family was a little weird and we had a fakesgiving with all the family and the turkey and then on the real date, it was a small group! But it was a lot of fun with a lot of food!” – the Netherlands

“It will be my first time celebrating Thanksgiving so I’m excited!! I like to spend moments around the table and enjoying the food so… That reminds me of Spain and my big, big family. About the pumpkin pie, I don’t know if I like it because I’ve never tried it, but today I made a pumpkin bundt cake and is delicious!!” -Spain

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