The Tree of Peace from the five nations

Howe does the tree of peace come into the life and how does it affect us today?


Before the tree of peace came into the life of the five nations (the Seneca, Cayuga, Onondaga, Oneida, and the Mohawk), the world got destroyed by everyone. There were a lot of fights and wars between the nations and they lost their spiritual way to be thankful for the nature and the ground where they can live. For stopping the wild wars against each other a man named the peacemaker was born into the world of the nation. He was born from a virgin women, who was not ready because of the traditions to get a baby. The family try to hide her and when the baby was born the grandmother want to kill it. She noticed it was a magic baby and instead of trying to kill him the fourth time he watched him carefully. When the peacemaker get a man he was ready for his mission to rescue life and to renew the love and peace between the nations. In the near of Lake Ontario he made his journey with a self made white stone canoe to the eastern coast. Jikonsahseh was the women the peacemaker told first the words of peace. How she create her home to a resting area for everyone during the war time made the Creator upset. Until the women heard the words she agreed to follow them for the rest of her life. The peacemaker made her to the Clan mother.

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