Time flies  and more often than not, our au pairs tell us that they can’t believe how quickly their year in the U.S. (or two years) has flown by.  Feelings about going home are often mixed and in some cases, the prospect of ending a life-changing experience brings anxiety and dismay.  Our host families may notice a difference in their au pair’s behavior: perhaps she’s withdrawing, perhaps she seems self-absorbed wanting to squeeze so many last minute activities into her time left in the U.S.  Are the children upset?  Are they acting out because their beloved au pair is leaving and they don’t understand why.  The most important action of course is to talk, talk, talk.  Au Pair in America Community Counselors are prepared to support the au pair, host family and children as they face the separation and all related challenges.  It’s important to remember that going home, also referred to as re-entry or repatriation is just another transition but like all transitions, it can be difficult and emotionally-charged for all involved.