Agnes WeberAgnes visited two kindergartens in San Antonio, TX.  She began by pretending that she and the children were going to step on a plane to fly from San Antonio to Austria.   She helped them find Austria on the map, and then she and the children talked about how to get to the Austria. and how many miles there are between Texas and Austria.  Once, they “landed in Austria,” they put coats on because it’s cold in Austria now.  Agnes showed the children a picture of what her garden looks like during the winter.  She then showed them Euros, the currency they’d use to buy typical Austrian food while there!

Agnes then told the children about “Snappy” who lives in the Zoo Vienna (Tiergarten Schoenbrunn). She used Snappy to help her do a German language lesson.  She wrote English words on paper and fed them to Snappy who translated them to German (what a great helper)! They ended with Agnes singing them a song in German while also translating what she was singing.  The kids had a great time during a Q and A period and then they all “jumped on the plane, did their seat belts, and headed back to San Antonio)!

Thank you, Agnes.  What a great Global Awareness presentation.  You certainly did help the children form a positive first impression of people from your country.  Congratulations, you will receive a Letter of Appreciation and a Certificate of Recognition.