JustineGerman Au Pair, Justine P. visited her host child’s 2nd grade classroom to talk about her country with the students.

She showed the students a traditional dirndl dress she made for October fest.  She said she wore it to Octoberfest here with her host family!

She engaged the students by asking them questions about Germany.  Many knew it is in Europe.  Justine showed them where on the world map.

She brought a German flag and some of the children knew the colors before she even showed it to them!

She brought some euros and explained that most of Europe uses euros for money.  The children all got a chance to see and touch the money.

They learned some words in German and even sang the song “Happy Birthday” in German!  Justine kept the children interested and they were engaged in her lesson.

Au Pair in America au pairs are encouraged to share their cultures with American children while they’re learning about the American way of life.  German FlagThe goal is for the children to “form positive first impressions of people from other countries!”

Congratulations to Justine for the wonderful job she did.