Growing up in South Africa, freedom is something that was discussed a lot, and depending on what context, it had very different meanings.  I know freedom was not something that was had by all in this country in the past, and it seems as though this has caused pain and anguish back then and  still now.  I know it is not fair, really wrong and truly cruel to take someone’s freedom away and to treat another human as if they were any different or less significant, yet and I know this went on in South Africa as well as many other countries. I also know in South Africa many years ago it was the Caucasian mistreating the black African people and taking away their freedom.

I know in other places in the world it was the Germans mistreating the Jews and taking away their freedom, or the Turks mistreating the Armenians and taking away once again their freedom and it seems as though through many efforts, courageous people working hard and the fact that time heals some freedom has come upon many of these groups.  The irony is that I think somewhere down the line I feel I may have lost some of my freedom as others gained theirs. They say time heals all wounds, but I can speak to the segregation that still goes on in  South Africa,  and I find that it is a necessary evil.   It seems as though the black African people have a pretty strong resentment to the Caucasian.

My grandmother was a victim of this hatred and was killed due to this animosity.  Her freedom to live the rest of her life was stripped away and although I know it is not right to stereotype, unfortunately this is the reality that is still going on in South Africa.  I don’t have a solution, but I want one.  I want us all to have our freedom back – both sides, and live happily ever after.  I know there are efforts that are pointing in this direction but I can share with you I don’t think we are thereyet.  Freedom is something we are all still searching for in my country, regardless of the laws.

In South Africa we currently do not celebrate Independence Day, we have a freedom day, but sadly it seems as though it is just another day off for many.  I wish it was more.  I want it to be more!  As I spend time here in the US, I see the focus on celebrating this freedom many have worked so hard for.  It seems as though this freedom should be celebrated as there seems to be a better relationship between different cultures, although it is still a work in progress it seems that things have progressed here a little quicker than in my country.  I continue to learn and grow and hope to bring some walk always with me about how we should all try harder to treat everyone with kindness, despite their religion, race, or sexual preference.  We are all human,fighting the same battles, some harder than others, but we are all lucky to be living in an erawhere each and everyone of us have the opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life TODAY!


Thank you