My name is Natacha, and I come from France .

In France we didn’t celebrate Independence Day on July 4; we have the 14th of July .
From the biggest city to the littlest village we celebrate it  Bastille day !

This is a very important day for our country .
For this occasion you can see fireworks, concerts, parties, illuminations, balls.

imageMy family and I celebrate it in our two villages  la colle sur loup and St. Paul de Vence.

Personally, my favorite (celebration) is the one in St. Paul.  I love the fireworks, and the village’s illumination.

It’s a good celebration to enjoy the beauty of my village during the night.

It’s also a nice celebration to  “hang out” with your friend and family … For this night you don’t have the young on one side and older on a other; everybody is together, drinks together, dances… In short everyone has a good time all together!