In addition to taking care of 5 children and one dog, Gisella, an au pair extroadinaire, found the time to visit a second grade classroom in order to introduce the children to her homeland, Brazil.  “I had so much fun,” she said and then proceeded to tell me all the things she did with the kids.  Starting with a map and a flag of Brazil, she taught the children about the languages of Brazil, the currency, sports, animals, and holidays.

Did you know that there’s no Halloween or Thanksgiving celebrations in Brazil so these were new holidays for Gisella to experience in the U.S.  Soccer is a very popular sport in Brazil, and there aremany beautiful stadiums in the country.

Here is a photo of the stadium Nacional and Pele, a famous Brazilian soccer player. Brazil won the World Cup Soccer championship 5 times!!  Gisella introduced the capybara to the children, an animal we don’t have in the U.S.