I recently heard from Cindy Garruba, a counselor on the northshore of Long Island.  Cindy is a great supporter of cultural exchange and recently shared feedback she’d received from one of her Brazilian au pairs, Patricia.

Patricia, Brazil

Patricia,  wrote, “The two years that I lived in America (2010-2012) changed my impressions about Americans and about their way of living. We all think that americans are a little “selfish” and that they are not friendly. I have to say it’s all wrong! I met amazing people, I lived with a family that I consider to be my second one, their culture and habits grew on me. I love to say that U.S. is not only about fast food and shopping. I try to share with people what I learned about them after the time I spent there. I love their practical way of living, everything seems easy, they only waste time with things that matters. It’s amazing to see how strong and united they are. We have the Sandy Storm as an example of their union and strength. I miss my beautiful NY and Port Jeff so bad. It was definitely one of the most amazing experience I had in my life, which I will never forget! :)”