Cindy Klose, a German au pair living in Rhode Island, recently visited a 5th grade classroom to share her holiday traditions with the children.  Initally, Cindy was nervous, not knowing what to expect, wondering how the children would respond to her, questioning, “did I have enough to share with them?”  She was happy to report that she had such a good time with the kids-they were excited to see her, interested in her German Christmas traditions, and asked her so many questions.  While teaching them simple German vocabulary, one boy’s hand shot up and asked her to say the now famous line spoken by John F. Kennedy:  “Ich bin ein Berliner,” meaning “I am a Berliner.”  Click to learn more about this speech, its context and meaning.

Cindy told me that she was so surprised by the children’s interest in her country.  She confessed that in Germany, Germans she knows feel Americans don’t know anything about Germany, nor do they care to. 

The children’s enthusiasm and interest changed that perception!  “They do know (about Germany)” she exclaimed referring to the children’s interest in and knowledge of her country.  “It was so much fun and the time went so fast. I’m going to do more presentations in January!”

Welcome to Global Awareness, Cindy where we learn from each other, change our pre-conceived notions of others, and bring the world’s citizens closer together.