It’s always a surprise to me when I hear that many of our au pairs are too young to remember 9/11.  Time goes so quickly; the years fly by, and for me and my colleagues, the morning of 9/11 is implanted in our brains forever.  Where were we when the first plane hit? What were we doing when the second plane hit?  I was on the phone with a colleague planning our day’s business calls when she said, “…looks like a small plane flew into a Twin Tower. ” I turned on the tv thinking, as so many Americans did, that it was a weekend pilot taking a disasterous wrong turn.  As I watched what I thought were the reruns, the second plane hit.  It took a few moments to realize that smoke was coming out of the first building as I watched the second one start to smoke. Of course, it was then that everyone watching realized what was happening.  We, of a certain age, will never forget.

Today is a day just like that day-crystal blue skies on a beautifyl fall morning.  Though for many people, 9/11 is a few paragraphs in a history lesson, it has become part of the American culture. Read about the memorial services being held in NYC today  To all our au pairs, for those of you who have the opportunity to visit the memorial site, take the time during your year-you won’t regret it.