Many thanks to Yasmine, a Senior Program Manager in the Au Pair in America office for sharing this holiday with us.


“Today is the first day of Ramadan (a holy Muslim month of fasting and other fun stuff); it is one of my favorite Muslim months/traditions. The correct greeting is “Ramadan Kareem.”

In Muslim countries they will hang lanterns, called a “Fanoose,”  and lights to be festive. 

We fast (no eating or drinking) from dawn until sunrise for approximately 30 days (depending on the next crescent moon). During this month we spend a lot of time at the mosque praying/reciting Quran. We also break our fast daily with family and friends; most Muslims will break their long day of fasting by eating a date and drinking some water. At the end of the month we will celebrate with a feast, “Eid El Fitr.” However before we pray the Eid Prayer all Muslims should have given “Zakat” (charity to the poor); if they have savings.”

 Here are some fun games, puzzles and coloring activities for children

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