I’ve never had an ear for languages, never did too well in High

School French so I’m always amazed when our au pairs pick up

English so quickly!!  From time-to-time I ask my au pairs how to

say certain things in their language.  Recently, I had a lesson in

how to wish a ‘happy new year.’ Here’s what I learned (though

don’t ask me to remember or use a good accent):

Gelukkige nuwejaars-that’s Africaans!

Gott nytt år-Swedish

Frohes neues Jahr -German

Godt Nytår-Danish

Sawasdee Wan Pee Mai-Thai

Feliz Ano Novo-Portuguese

Bolgog Új Évet-Hungarian

What could be better than friends from around the world gathering

together to share in a celebration of the new year.  Every au pair

and host family who participates in cultural exchange takes one

step closer to peace in our world.

Happy New Year from Global Awareness and Au Pair in America!