We’ve had so much positive feedback from our au pairs, host families, and teachers. We’d love to share some of it with you-you’ll see that Global Awareness is a win/win situation for all!

From a Thai Au Pair:
“Many of the kids said they wanted to go to Thailand and it made me feel so proud of my country. This presentation made me feel very happy and I gained valuableexperience being in an American classroom. Thank you Global Awareness! “

From a South African Au Pair:
“… presenting my home country, South Africa, was a privilege and an honor…. Hopefully the information the children learned will make a difference in their outlook in life. Thank you for inviting me to share my country, life, memories and love for my country with you. I’m far away from home, but that day I felt a little bit closer to my home. Thank you again for that privilege.”

From Dominique Ortiz, Community Counselor, VA:
“We did it! Nine Global Awareness presentations have just taken place and 66 kids are going home knowing more about the world! I love this program and hope to reach out to even more schools in my area. We really do bring the world together!”

From a host family in VA:
“Thank you for encouraging our au pair from Costa Rica to participate in the Global Awareness program. My kids and our au pair are now a big hit at the preschool! Our au pair is extending for a second year and I hope she will continue to participate in this excellent program teaching children about other cultures.”

From a second grade teacher in Rochester, NY:
“This is a great cultural experience! These au pairs really made it so real for the kids.

Global Awareness Program Developers:
Gail Tomanelli: gtomanelli@comcast.net
Pat Jacob: Patricia.jacob@pobox.com

Global Awareness is a program of Au Pair in America and the American Institute For Foreign Study