How Brave They Are…!

I always tell newly-arrived au pairs how brave they are to cross an ocean (or two) to live in the U.S. as an au pair.  I remind them of their determination and strength when they're feeling somewhat vulnerable, alone and afraid.  "How many people do you know," I ask, " who are willing to travel to [...]

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Family History Month

As I was searching on the internet for interesting holidays, I stumbled on October as "Family History Month." Given that my family, as are many of my friends and colleagues, were from different parts of the world, I decided to do a little research and find out as much as I could about my ancestors.  [...]

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Global Awareness Beyond the Classroom

We've come to expect Global Awareness presentations in classrooms, Scouts, libraries and bookstores.  But we had a Global Awareness presentation at a recent cluster meeting that lasted until almost midnight!!  We had a Thai cooking class! Sai, a Thai au pair, brought all the ingredients for spring roll, red curry with chicken and pad thai.  [...]

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Thank you, Au Pair in America!

Nonto and her Community Counselor, Diane Wallace and thank you Nontobeko ("Nonto") for submitting your essay on what your cultural exchange experience has meant to you.  Nonto's essay is an inspiration to all of us who are fearful of taking that next step into the unknown.  I've always said that the au pairs are the [...]

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The Importance of Cultural Exchange

I love cultural exchange.  I love meeting people from all over the world who are brave enough to take the step to come to a new country filled with new ideas.  Every day presents something new:  a tidbit of information, a discussion of a “big” concept ( our ‘peace’ competition), politics, values, ways of life.  [...]

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