Project Description

Chrissy Moser writes about the Austrian flag:

Austria is a tiny but beautiful country right in the heart of Europe.  Some Americans know Austria as the origin of the Sound of Music and have an image of Austrians running around in our dresses on the wide fields in the mountains.  So, I wanted to combine some of our culture with our flag.  The Austrian flag comes with a legend:  According to the legend, the flag was invented by Duke Leopold V of Austria as a consequence of his fighting during the Siege of Acre.  After a fierce battle, his white coat was com[letely drenched in blood.  When he removed his belt, the cloth underneath was untouched by the blood, revealing the combination of red-white-red.  So taken was he by this sight that he adopted the colors and the scheme as his banner.  The incident was documented as early as 1260!