Thanksgiving Around the World

We recently saw this cute craft on a blog that we wanted to share. Source: Did you know? The United States isn’t the only country that celebrates a day of Thanksgiving?  Many countries around the world take part in a day of giving thanks, feasting with family and friends, and enjoying the [...]

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Thanksgiving Celebrations

Thanksgiving is a typical North American holiday which most au pairs are not familiar with.  Several community counselors chose to have Thanksgiving Day-themed cluster meetings this year.  There are so many ways Thanksgiving can be celebrated, below are several snap shots. Jennifer Stein's Houston Cluster was welcomed by a host family.  Everyone was treated to [...]

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Non-Traditional Thanksgiving in Seattle

Community Counselor Kim Van Cleave Michaels shared pictures of the Greater Seattle's cluster "Non-Traditional Thanksgiving" meal at Ikea. These young women from Croatia, Sweden, Portugal, Germany, Mexico, South Africa, and Brazil shared sports jerseys, picture books, money, candy, chocolate, common holiday traditions, and thoughts on their exchange year in the United States.

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Thoughts about Thanksgiving

Community Counselor Cynthia Chan asked her Southern Maryland cluster what their thoughts were about Thanksgiving. "I love pumpkin pie and I hope we will have some." - Austria "Last year I was very interested in Thanksgiving as we don't have it back home. I was very curious, but I love turkey and mash potatoes and [...]

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Thanksgiving Dinner

Rhode Island cluster enjoyed a Thanksgiving dinner at the International House of Rhode Island at Brown University, Providence. RI

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