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We Would Like to Know...What Was Your First Halloween Like?

Halloween is an important happening in the U.S.  Children (and adults too) of all ages prepare for this one night weeks in advance!  The costume is all important so that when you ring a doorbell and yell, 'trick or treat!' the person handing out candy jumps back in mock horror or surprise!  Then there are hayrides, haunted houses, popping for apples, pumpkin carving and so many other fun activities.

For au pairs (and any other first-time visitor to the U.S.), Halloween is a brand new concept and an event all want to participate in.


So, tell us about your first Halloween?  What did you wear?  Who did you go trick or treating with? What other activities did you do and what are your impressions.  Share your experience of this very American "happening" with us at Global Awareness.  Send photos too-we love to see you sharing our culture



Click here to see our entries and winners for the 2014 International Peace Day Contest. 

Advice for Adapting to a New Culture (and life as an au pair)!

in category: Blog by Gail Tomanelli

Tuesday evening, I met with my group of wonderful au pairs from many different countries.  I asked them questions about adjusting to life in the U.S. and if they had any advice for the newly-arrived au pairs: :Balance your social life with work,” ” communication is everything,” ”  try not to speak to your friends Read more…

A Song of Support

in category: Blog by Gail Tomanelli

Annika Halder was an au pair with Au Pair in America in 2013.  She’s recently submitted an updated video of a song she wrote while she was in the U.S. as an au pair.  Her goal, at the time, was to support other au pairs who were experiencing homesickness and/or having difficulty adapting to a Read more…

Learn about Colombia!

in category: Blog by Gail Tomanelli

Joanne Avendano, an au pair from Colombia  shared information on her country and its culture with the Girl Scouts in her community.  Take a look at this wonderful Power Point presentation! Thank you Joanne!  

Stella Henning writes about “freedom”

in category: Blog by Gail Tomanelli

Growing up in South Africa, freedom is something that was discussed a lot, and depending on what context, it had very different meanings.  I know freedom was not something that was had by all in this country in the past, and it seems as though this has caused pain and anguish back then and  still now.  I know it Read more…

Patricia Haberkorn Talks to Us about “Freedom” and Independence Day

in category: Blog by Gail Tomanelli

Our national holiday in Germany-not a big deal?!? 4th of July in the USA-as my host family told me, “there is barely anything that is more typical for the US than our national holiday!”  I experienced a day on which everyone was dressed in the national colors and waved flags, lots of food was offered at Read more…

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