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Holidays Around the World

We Want to Hear From You!

This time of year is 'holiday season' in the U.S. It's a time of getting-together with friends and family, lots of food and fun in addition to observing religious traditions.

Tell us how you celebrate the holidays in your country?


Is this your first holiday season in the U.S.?

If 'yes,' tell us how you celebrated and how it's different from celebrations in your home country.

Send to by Jan. 6 and receive a Certificate of Recognition and a Letter of Appreciation.

Chrissy shares her country, Austria with 3 classes!

in category: Blog by Gail Tomanelli

Chrissy has been an active participant in Global Awareness.  She did 3 presentations to different grades in a school in PA.  Chrissy shared a video with the children and with us.  It shows her dance group in Austria.  

Au Pairs Sharing Their Holidays

in category: Blog by Gail Tomanelli

Elin Giding, an au pair in Kristina Scholtin’s cluster sent us photos and a wonderful description of Lucia.         Laura Brinkman tells us about her holiday in Germany       Natalia Rodriguez tells us about Christmas in Spain

Sandra Persson, an au pair in CT tells us about St Lucia

in category: Blog by Gail Tomanelli

Lucia is a tradition that’s always been a part of my life. Every school in Sweden celebrates Lucia and every school arranges a Lucia train where one girl gets selected as the Lucia throughout lottery (not in preschool but in elementary and high school). Apart from the Lucia in the train there’s also a lot Read more…

How do our ‘global neighbors’ celebrate?

in category: Blog by Gail Tomanelli

As our au pairs learn about the holidays in the U.S., we learn about theirs.  Here are a few special dates in the countries of our global neighbors. Dec 12 is the day of feasting in honor of the Virgin of Guadalupe in Mexico. This is a happy day for Mexicans and there are fiestas Read more…

Advice for Adapting to a New Culture (and life as an au pair)!

in category: Blog by Gail Tomanelli

Tuesday evening, I met with my group of wonderful au pairs from many different countries.  I asked them questions about adjusting to life in the U.S. and if they had any advice for the newly-arrived au pairs: :Balance your social life with work,” ” communication is everything,” ”  try not to speak to your friends Read more…

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