Project Description

Heike Krizun, a community counselor in MA encouraged her au pairs to work together to create  one entry.  Here is a quilt of many colors from many nations.  This is cultural exchange in action; the au pairs are learning about each other and from each other-the first step towards peace in another generation.

Many thanks to the 26 au pairs who participated:

1. Kim Vieregge from Germany
2. Laura Borchard from Germany
3. Birgit Zissmann from Germany
4. Natalie Tomaschek from Germany
5. Kristina Nippgen from Germany
6. Linda Kott from Germany
7. Megan Pasquali from South Africa
8. Anika Denke from Germany
9. Stfanie Zauner from Germany
10. Judith Gawol from Germany
11. Linda Koeppel from Germany
12. Vanessa Gomes from Brazil
13. Monike Oliviera from Brazil
14. Cristin Hemsath from Germany
15. Amy-Louise Pratt from South Africa
16. Michelle Steil from Germany
17. Jana richter from Germany
18. Theresa Croll from Germany
19. Lara Weyers from Germany
20. Lovisa Hellqvist from Sweden
21. Nina Hoelscher from Austria
22. Esther Karst from Germany
23. Victoria Martensson from Sweden
24. Caroline Bjenning from Sweden
25. Paula Mendoza from Colombia
26. Jamie ( Enjoung Noh) from South Korea

27.  Franzi Muth from Germany