Project Description


We keep talking about peace in our every day conversations. We ask for peace and quiet, we want to have peace of mind and we would like to be at peace with ourselves. But what exactly are we talking about? What does peace actually stand for?

Personally, I think of a variety of things that make me think of and believe in peace. Things of simplicity like a sleeping baby, a curled up dog at your feet or watching a sunset. It’s the simple things in life that are that valuable and almost always not appreciated enough.

It’s the same thing when you look at it in the bigger picture. Peace all around the world would be easy if we all just took a second to realize what it meant to be peaceful. We wish for peace while we fight, lie and betray each other and wonder why it won’t happen. Well, it won’t, not If we don’t take the first step.

A lot of people think taking this “first step” is hopeless anyway, since they would be the only one doing it. Well, you want to know something? It’s only hopeless if you believe in it. If everyone will just take that step, without wondering whether it’s hopeless or not, a lot more people would be taking those steps and a lot more people would realize how easy it is to change things.

So the same goes for peace. Start finding it in yourself and then spread it around. Appreciate the simple things in life! Be aware of each other, treat others with respect and stop these endless fights because they are pointless and will stay endless as long as we participate in them.

So what is peace? I guess if you’d ask a thousand people you’d get a thousand different answers and each of them would hold some truth. What we can do is to try living peacefully, following our own understanding of peace and just do the best that we can.

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