Project Description

Chrissy and Sarah

What is “Peace”? Are we able to practice “Peace”? Can we live together in “Peace”? All of those questions were in our heads. So we thought to write a song about “what if” we could open our arms and help the people who need it the most.
“What if” we could live together as one?
“What if” we chose to bury our guns?

Anyone of us is able to speak different languages. We have English and German in common. Sarah speaks French and Latin and Chrissy speaks italian and slovenian. So peace is not only about helping other people it is aswell about a global unit and a global appreciation that we are able to understand other languages and cultures and that we can live as a unit.

“Was, wenn/ Et Si/ E Se/ quid si/What if” is written in german, french, italian, latin and english. With this song we want to tell the world what our world could be like, “what if”…

We created as well a poster according to our song. The dove is a sign for peace and freedom. That’s why we drawed different flaggs from all over the world and one plain white one, which symbolizes the freedom, peace, equality, joy, friendship and justice.
The world and the hands holding our planet symbolize that we have the world and it’s freedom and peace in our hands.
Hope the short text gave you a small impression about our thoughts and our feelings about “peace” and hope you enjoy our song.

All the best,

Chrissy & Sarah

Name: Sarah Wenzel & Christina Moser
Country: Germany & Austria
Counselor’s Name: Susan Kalan
Music, Piano & Voice: Chissy Moser
Lyrics: German, English: Chrissy Moser & Sarah
Latin, French: Sarah
Italian: Chrissy Moser