World Book Day

For World Book Day, we wanted to highlight a couple of entries. Maria wrote: "this is the first book that my little girl asked me to read for her because it has tacos and “it would make me remember about home” (tacos are from Mexico, not Argentina but of course a 6 year old wouldn't [...]

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Using Puppets to Present to Pre-Schoolers

German Au Pair Derya, in Kim van Cleave Michael's Seattle cluster, used a puppet to tell about Germany to a group of pre-schoolers. Derya explained that she was trying to find an interesting way to be able to tell about her home country that a group of pre-schoolers would want to sit through. Her host [...]

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2017 Earth Day Pictures

Earth Day was celebrated in many ways this year. In Jan Peedin's Maryland cluster the au pairs volunteered by picking up litter along the streets of Historic Ellicott City. To celebrate Earth Day Au Pair in America asked for photos of Au Pairs in nature with or without their host child. The Winner was: Laura [...]

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Non-Traditional Thanksgiving in Seattle

Community Counselor Kim Van Cleave Michaels shared pictures of the Greater Seattle's cluster "Non-Traditional Thanksgiving" meal at Ikea. These young women from Croatia, Sweden, Portugal, Germany, Mexico, South Africa, and Brazil shared sports jerseys, picture books, money, candy, chocolate, common holiday traditions, and thoughts on their exchange year in the United States.

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