Thanksgiving Around the World

We recently saw this cute craft on a blog that we wanted to share. Source: Did you know? The United States isn’t the only country that celebrates a day of Thanksgiving?  Many countries around the world take part in a day of giving thanks, feasting with family and friends, and enjoying the [...]

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Most Christmassy Destinations!

How Many of These Destinations Have You Visited? has posted a blog with the "Most Christmassy Destinations on the Planet." Many locations on this top 12 list are in Europe and North America.  However, we were surprised that Tokyo, Japan was mentioned since Christmas isn't celebrated in this secular country!  But how beautiful this [...]

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12 Days of Christmas Traditions: Day 4

Lets visit Japan for Day 4! So Christmas isn't really celebrated in Japan but Kentucky Fried Chicken is! Yes, since 1974,  instead of having a homemade Christmas dinner it is a tradition to have KFC on December 25. An employee of Japan Airlines shows off a plate of 'AIR Kentucky Fried Chicken' at a [...]

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