Project Description

And the winner is…Sabine Formanek, Austria

This year’s first place winner was Sabine Formanek of Austria.  Sabine is so proud of her country’s rich musical culture and chose to incorporate Mozart into her flag.  This is what Sabine had to say about her original drawing :

I wanted to represent my country’s flag with one of our most important musicians in history so that when people look at the flag they also get to know a part of the history and what is typical for this country. A flag represents a whole country and for somebody who doesn’t know Austria well or maybe at all, I liked the idea to introduce them to Mozart. Austria is such a small country and many people don’t know much about it but in my experience when I mentioned Mozart, they suddenly knew or remembered for example from which town he came, where Austria is located, that is why I decided to draw Mozart standing on the austrian map and also directly on the state where he was born in.

I also got the idea that a movement of a flag can be very similar to the movement of paper which led me to the decision to create a connection between the flag and the musicians note sheet.
The dominating colors of Mozart’s clothes in which he is most depicted on paintings are red and white which match perfectly with the colors of the austrian flag. I really enjoyed to create a cute and funny illustration of tradition and history!