Project Description


Is not something you wish for;
It’s something  you make,
something you do,
something you are and
something you Give Away.

-John Lennon

By: Maria D and Lily

My host kid Lily and I,  we want to share with you about our world, how it has different colors and all those colors represent each country, their culture, traditions, religion, and the Love they want to share and have for the others.
We are ONE WORLD and in spite of what is happening and the differences we have, we are in the search of the same thing: PEACE. Throughout my experience as an Au Pair I  felt, saw, and did many things, but above all: Be More Open Minded, be comprehensive, tolerate, be Helpful, make an Effort, Sacrifice, Happiness, believe in something, have goals, go forward and never surrender.
In the artwork there is a heart with the countries, that has the meaning of: Love isn´t a Love until you give away.
I know we have the gift, something to give to make the change. And I know the change is the world we want everybody: with Love, Peace, Happiness, have Success and have a better life to develop ourselves and our loved ones but we can’t do that alone, we need the others to help us. I want to make known that if we are working together as One we made it. This is something as a world we need to do, not for us, but for our descendants.