Project Description

” It’s under the theme ‘one world – one nation’ because I think that we all belong to something so great. During my year of experience in different parts of the US I’ve met so many different people from different nations and at the end of the day, we are always friends no matter from which country we are. It is so interesting to see that no matter where you live or what cultural differences you experience, in the heart we are all the same. And I love talking with other people not only au pairs from all over the world and it is so funny to see what similarities with have for example a certain tv show that comes from China and also runs in other countries. I wanted to express myself with this picture about our world that we share and all the places that everybody should see. Yes I’m from Germany but there is so much more to see than only my country. Each country has marvelous places and I love traveling there.
So the top of the globe shows the flag of the US because that is where I am right now and where my heart is. Right next to it is the flag of Israel, because my current host family is jewish and I like experiencing all the differences between our cultures. After that come all lot of more different countries from which I also met already people, but there are so many more that I can’t even all put on there. And in the middle is the flag of Germany because that is where I’m coming from.”

3rd place winner!