Project Description

Annika M from Germany

I have two tattoos with Peace signs because for me: Peace with yourself and other people is the most important thing to have a happy life. Than what goes around comes around and if you’re nice to others in the most cases they’ll be nice to you. Try to see the positive things first before you see the bad things.  That’s what children do they don’t have fear from somebody because they come from a different country or have a different skin color or religion. For kids everybody is the same.  We just teach them to judge people for where they are from, how much money somebody has or what they believe in. And not for who they are and why somebody is how he/she is. Maybe they had a hard life or maybe a bad day.
We should learn to be like a kid again and the world would be a little bit better. Peace is a big word for me it’s not just about being peaceful and respectful with other people it’s also to be it with yourself because I think it starts there. Just if you respect and love yourself you can do it with others too. Also we just can have world peace if we all help together, everybody is a part of it, and we should start with ourselves!!